Maungahina and Hemingford Bull Sales: Supported by Crystalyx

The team at Crystalyx are delighted to be supporting 76th Maungahina Annual Bull Sale and 12th Annual Hemingford Bull Sale, taking place on 10th June and 17th June 2021 respectively. Maungahina have bred pedigree cattle for 114 years and have always operated as a closed herd. The sale will begin at 1:00pm, 45 Maungahina, off […]

Crystalyx Feed Blocks: What Makes Them Different

With so many different feed blocks and mineral buckets on the market, it is often difficult to determine which product offers the best value in terms of product cost and livestock performance. The cost differential between blocks on the face of it can be quite significant; however, if you scratch the surface and look beyond […]

Ewe Nutrition For Mid-Pregnancy Feeding

Nutrition in mid-pregnancy should be sufficient to optimise placental growth. Foetuses undergo very little growth in mid-pregnancy but growth of the placenta continues and is completed by the end of the third month of gestation. The placenta provides all the nutrients for the unborn lambs in late pregnancy and poor placental development will result in […]

Improve Heifer Growth and Fertility with Crystalyx

Make the most out of Forage: Forage is still one of the cheapest available feeds for cattle and is capable of sustaining good levels of animal performance even in the autumn and winter. But forage provides an inconsistent source of nutrients and without a balanced nutrient intake, feed digestion and animal performance will suffer. Growing […]

Covid-19 Important Information: Carr’s Supplements

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) UPDATE: Carr’s Supplements is treating the spread of Coronavirus extremely seriously, with the health and well-being of customers, staff and the public being our top priority. The situation is constantly changing, however we would like to offer reassurance that we are doing everything within our power to ensure our business continues to function […]

Respiratory Problems in Calves

Respiratory problems in young cattle are, unfortunately, all too common. Calves, like children, are particularly prone to respiratory problems as their immune system is not fully developed. The severity of the problems can vary from a mild nasal discharge and coughing in a group of calves, to severe pneumonia with some deaths. Respiratory problems are […]