Crystalyx Feed Supplementation for Deer

Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements

Crystalyx Forage Plus is an easy and effective way to enhance rumen function and improve stock health, to ensure deer get the most out of grass.

Deer rely heavily on forages to provide the bulk of their nutrient requirements – but forage alone rarely provides a perfectly balanced diet. A correct balance of minerals, trace elements and vitamins is essential for the optimum health and performance of deer. Crystalyx Forage Plus is a dehydrated molasses feed lick that contains energy (12 ME MJ/kgDM), protein, vitamins and minerals to help balance pasture nutrient deficiencies.

Improve Forage Intake and Digestion

Crystalyx Forage Plus has been shown to improve forage intake by up to 15% and enhance digestibility by as much as 10% on low quality pastures, which can lead to improved growth rates and live weight gain.

Crystalyx Forage Plus works by increasing microbial activity in the rumen so deer get more out of their feed, supporting forage digestion, dry matter intake, trace element status, live weight gain and fertility.

Supplement Deer 24 hours a day

Crystalyx Forage Plus is highly palatable and available 24 hours a day, allowing deer to self-feed without the risk of over consumption, making effective nutrient supplementation both convenient and economical.

Crystalyx Forage Plus is a MUST for our Deer

Crystalyx Deer Ambassador Janey Hayes comments “After a successful period of over 8 years the results in my deer herd are phenomenal. The health, wellbeing, live weight gains and velvet have shown significant improvements according to my records. Overall herd management has been improved due to reducing the amount of time spent on drenching and vaccinating. Crystalyx Forage Plus is an absolute “MUST” for our deer.”