The Crystalyx range of products, produce astounding results with grazing livestock throughout the world. The performance of the product appeared in the past, to be too good to be true and good results, as always could be attributed to ‘better weather, improved grassland management, a good lambing season, a change in feeding policy, a new stockman….’ .

The only way to prove what is giving these improvements is with sound scientific research practices carried out by independent scientists at reputable establishments. Crystalyx has had a policy of carrying out such research for almost two decades and continue to invest heavily in a scientific approach to nutrition.

One of Crystalyx main functions is to improve the feed conversion efficiency of forage, it achieves this by stimulating the rumen by providing it with key nutrients that are often lacking in forage . Research at Kansas State University and Newcastle University has concluded that Crystalyx increases both the rate (i.e. the speed) and the extent (i.e. proportionate amount) of forage digestion. Results conclude that Crystalyx increases forage intakes by up to 15% and increases forage digestion by as much as 10%.