Respiratory Problems in Calves

Respiratory problems in young cattle are, unfortunately, all too common. Calves, like children, are particularly prone to respiratory problems as their immune system is not fully developed. The severity of the problems can vary from a mild nasal discharge and coughing in a group of calves, to severe pneumonia with some deaths.

Respiratory problems are most frequent in autumn and winter, especially in housed calves, but can arise at any time, particularly as follows:

• Young calves from 2 weeks of age and particularly when first put into groups
• Autumn housed calves, especially spring-born suckled calves
• Bought-in calves or older cattle
• “Stressed” calves

Stress is difficult to define, but it is widely recognised that it can reduce immunity – and a reduced immunity increases the susceptibility to disease. Cattle can become stressed by such factors as transportation, housing and/or regrouping, competition for insufficient feed, overcrowding, and any management change which causes serious disturbance such as dehorning or castration.

Autumn and winter housed calves, especially spring-born suckled calves can develop respiratory problems shortly after housing. The problem is partly created by the stress of weaning and housing and the sharing of respiratory organisms when groups are mixed.

Cattle, like all animals, carry bacteria in their respiratory passages. These usually cause no harm, but if the immune response of the animal is weakened, the opportunity is given for infection to take place.

Crystalyx Easy Breather is a completely natural product, specifically formulated as an aid to maintaining a healthy respiratory system. It is not intended to be a substitute for good management, but it does provide a powerful, natural aid to help calves and young cattle resist respiratory challenges.

• Reduce coughing and respiratory irritation
• Reduces “boredom factor” in newly weaned calves
• Can help calves regain appetite after a stress or challenge