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Maungahina and Hemingford Bull Sales: Supported by Crystalyx

The team at Crystalyx are delighted to be supporting 76th Maungahina Annual Bull Sale and 12th Annual Hemingford Bull Sale, taking place on 10th June and 17th June 2021 respectively. Maungahina have bred pedigree cattle for 114 years and have always operated as a closed herd. The sale will begin at 1:00pm, 45 Maungahina, off […]

Crystalyx Feed Blocks: What Makes Them Different

With so many different feed blocks and mineral buckets on the market, it is often difficult to determine which product offers the best value in terms of product cost and livestock performance. The cost differential between blocks on the face of it can be quite significant; however, if you scratch the surface and look beyond […]

Crystalyx Forage Plus Heifer Trial – Germany

Trial Site:  Golzow, Brandenburg, Germany Animals: 126 Holstein dairy replacement heifers, initial liveweight approx 485kg Commencement Date: 8th May 2007 The heifers were split into 2 groups to be pregnancy synchronised at grass. Animals were weighed at the start of the trial, during mid-season (mid July) and at housing (end October). Both groups had access […]

How to Maintain Calf Health and Performance Post Weaning

How to Maintain Calf Health and Performance Post Weaning   Weaning is the point where calves transfer from a liquid to a solid diet and can only be undertaken successfully when the rumen has developed sufficiently to support the fermentation and digestion of solid feed. Rather than setting a fixed time, weaning is best done […]