Crystalyx Forage Plus Heifer Trial – Germany

Trial Site:  Golzow, Brandenburg, Germany

Animals: 126 Holstein dairy replacement heifers, initial liveweight approx 485kg

Commencement Date: 8th May 2007

The heifers were split into 2 groups to be pregnancy synchronised at grass. Animals were weighed at the start of the trial, during mid-season (mid July) and at housing (end October). Both groups had access to plentiful grazing in adjacent fields with the Crystalyx group having access to Crystalyx Forage Plus to appetite. Rock salt was fed on free access to both groups.


Period  1 (72 days) Control Crystalyx 
Start weight (8th May)(kg) 478 492
Mid-weight (19th July)(kg) 513 546
Average LWG in period (kg) 35 54
Ave. DLWG in period (kg/d) 0.482 0.755     (+55%)

Crystalyx intakes averaged 152g/heifer/day during the period


Period  2 (103 days) Control Crystalyx
Start weight (19th July)(kg) 513 546
Final weight (30th Oct)(kg) 584 635
Average LWG in period (kg) 71 89
Ave. DLWG in period (kg) 0.695 0.857 (+23%)


 Crystalyx intakes averaged 106g/heifer/day during the period


OVERALL RESULTS (175 days) Control Crystalyx
Start weight (8th May) (kg) 478 492
Final weight (30th Oct) (kg) 584 635
Total liveweight gain (kg) 106 143 (+37kg)
Average DLWG (kg/d) 0.60 0.82 (+36%)

Crystalyx intakes averaged 130g/heifer/day during the trial

 PREGNANCY RESULTS Control Crystalyx
No heifers 60 66
No heifers pregnant 48 61
 % heifers pregnant 80 92 (+15%)

Grass availability was plentiful throughout the trial for both groups of heifers, but yet again, even with relatively modest Crystalyx intakes the benefits of having Crystalyx available to growing cattle at grass has been clearly demonstrated.

And how does Crystalyx perform financially? Heifers with access to Crystalyx Forage Plus gained an extra 37kg liveweight at grass, which, if given a very modest value of $3.00/kg is worth an extra $111.00 having consumed $43.20 worth of Crystalyx, so we are still saying DOUBLE YOUR MONEY FEEDING CRYSTALYX AT GRASS.

But what value can be put on the extra 15% pregnant heifers? If Crystalyx can justify itself on the increased liveweight alone then the improved pregnancy rates are a DOUBLE BONUS! It really does take some licking!